Research Activities at MPBIM

MPBIM has a Management Research Centre viz., Bhavan’s Management Research Centre (BMRC) affiliated to Manipal Academy of Higher Education- Deemed University under UGC (Formerly known as Manipal University )set up vide notification number F.9-8/59-U dated 3rd June, 1993.

MPBIM has signed an MOU with North Dakota State University, North Dakota, United States of America for academic collaboration in the areas of faculty exchange, research, conducting programmes for student/faculty progression and opportunity for students to pursue doctoral programmes.

The Institute creates an environment where the scientific methods are involved in the process of solving commonly encountered problems thus ensuring that the students imbibe the essence of scientific method in his/her outlook, and uses it in his everyday life and career.

The centre caters to Scholars not only from MPBIM but also from other institutions.  Besides BMRC, some of the faculty members are pursuing their PhD programmes at other Universities also.

MPBIM also lays emphasis on publications of research papers in refereed journals with good impact factor besides its own publication ‘Dharana’ which is a ‘double blind refereed’ International Business Journal.  This is in addition to the papers presented at various Conferences & Symposia by the faculty and students. 

Dr. N S Viswanath, Director and Principal, is a recognized guide of Manipal University and Symbiosis International University, Pune. Many scholars from MPBIM and outside pursue their research at the Management Research Centre of MPBIM. 

The following scholars have successfully completed Ph.D: 

1.      Sri. V Ammineedu: Director Personnel, BEL, Leadership effectiveness and styles in relation to personality characteristic- An exploratory study. Ph.D awarded by Manipal University during 2008.

2.      Smt. Vimala Parthasarathy, Associate Professor, Sikkim Manipal University : Social Marketing Strategies of successful NGOs. A strategic perspective with reference to selected NGOs in the State of Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. Ph.D awarded by Manipal University – 2013.

3.      Prof. Padmalatha N.A. Asst. Professor, Dayanand Sagar College of Management, Impact of Information Technology on Power Management in Karnataka with special reference to KPCL.
PhD awarded by Symbiosys International University - 2014

4.      Prof. Sumithra Sreenath
Competency based corporate e-learning systems – an Analytical study of select corporate enterprise in Bangalore.
PhD awarded by Symbiosys International University – 2014

5.      Prof. Deepak R
Security Returns Spectrum – An Analysis of Seasonality and sensitivity of Indian stock markets.  Ph.D awarded by Manipal University – 2014.

6.      Prof. Basanna Patagundi
Strategies for Sustenance of market share: a study of operating system products.Ph.D awarded by Manipal University – 2014

7.      Prof. Hemanth Kumar Asst. Professor, MPBIM
Impact of Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Advertisement Appeals on Brand Identity,Recognition and Recall – a diagnostic study. PhD programme at Gulbarga University. 2016

8.      Prof.Rohini G Shetty

Women Leadership- A Study of Select Women Leaders in the IT Sector in Bangalore City.Ph.D awarded by Manipal University – 2016

9.      Ms.Sandhya Rani S.R.  Senior DGM Bharat Electronics Limited

The application of Total Quality Management (TQM) in ‘Not for Profit Organisations’ with special reference to AkshayaPatra Foundation in India” under the guidance of Dr. T V Raju Director RVIM, Bangalore

Ph.D awarded by Manipal University - 2017 

10.  Prof.Arun Mudhol, Director and Dean at Don Bosco School of Management

Unique identification its implication for human resource development in India.

Ph.D awarded by Manipal University -2017

11.  Sri. M J Subramaniam Former Bank Manager, Syndicate Bank, Bangalore
Title: Employer Motivation – PhD awarded by AnnaUniversity,Chennai.

12.  Prof. N V Badi PhD Awarded by Aligarh Muslim University

13.  Sri. T V Srinivas - Total service quality in health care: with special reference to Yeshasvini Project in Karnataka under the guidance of Dr. N S Viswanath Director BMRC – May 2018 (awaiting convocation) 

14. Sri. Nataraj IM awarded PhD for this thesis 'Impact of Employee Wellness on organisational Performance - A study pf select IT organisations' by Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Deemed to be University under Section 3 of UGC Act 1956) after Viva conducted on 14.2.2020. Dr. N S Viswanath Hon. Director General guided him and Co-Guide was Dr. T V Raju.


Research work under progress:

Under Bhavan Management Research Centre and other Universities 

Under Manipal University 

1.      Sri. I M Nataraj,  Talent Acquisition Manage, IBM India/ South Asia, Bangalore
The impact of Employee Wellness on Organisational Performances of select IT organizations.

2.      Prof. S Ramagopal

Supply Chain Efficiency in Apple Marketing in India

3.      Prof.Hema Harsha

Talent Sustainability in select Scientific Institutions in India

4.      Prof.B V Pushpa

Pension with Parity- A study of pension schemes in India

5.      Prof. Anu Natraj 

Total service quality in Training in Healthcare sector - A Study on select super specialty hospitals at Bengaluru.

6.       Prof. Bhavya N

A study on Reverse Logistics of Select Computer Hardware Companies - Strategic Perspectives


Under ICFAI University, Ranchi:


Prof. B K Ramaswamy



Knowledge Forum and Faculty Seminars

Faculty Seminars are being held at the Institute since 2012. As on date 43 faculty seminars have been held addressed by faculty and research scholars. The details of the faculty seminars is available in this website.  

Knowledge forum which is an extension of the Faculty Seminars, to include external faculty and scholars was inaugurated on 19th October 2016. Dr. B Shekar Professor, IIMB gave the inaugural talk on ‘Perceptual Investigations in Art’


Students research projects

Students have published over 17 articles in journals jointly with the faculty members.  The details are available in this website 

Besides, students have presented over 8 papers at the conferences. The details are provided in this website. 

Students have also presented papers at other forums and won awards.

MPBIM's International Business Journal - Dharana

Institute publishes ‘DHARANA’ an international journal in business research. This journal is being published twice a year since 2007

Research contributions received will be subjected to review by two or more referees on a ‘double blind’ system, whereby the name(s) of contributor(s) will be kept concealed from that of the referees and vice versa. Acceptance of an article is dependent on meeting the standards set by the journal.

All the issues of the journal are available on this website.

Consulatncy Projects

MPBIM undertook one project during 2012 SAHYOG for Government of Karnataka. This project had the following team members:

1. Dr. N S Viswanath - Principal Investigator

2. Prof. K L Ramdas, - Associate

3. Prof. S BasannaPatagundi - Associate

4. Prof. R Deepak, - Associate

5. Secretarial Assistance Ms.Manjula&Ms.Geetha

The entire project was a part of the Bhavan’s Management research centre (BMRC). The allotted for the project was one year and the project was completed within the stipulated time. The work load in terms of teaching was normal and the team has to do extra work to complete the research project. The institution provided library, technology and academic inputs.

The project was funded by Government of Karnataka.

Dr. S. Bisaliah undertook a project for IGRDI Mumbai. Besides Dr.Bisalaiah has undertaken several studies on behalf of World Bank.

Institute provides paid leave and all the facilities to the scholars to undertake such projects.

Details of research publications by the faculty members of MPBIM

As on 01.3.2018

Sr. No.


No. of Publications

No. of papers Presented


N Ramanuja




Dr. N S Viswanath




Dr.Bisaliah S




Dr.Sathyanarayana S




Dr.Sumithra Sreenath




Dr. Rohini G Shetty

23 8


Prof.Ramgopal S



8 Prof. Ravindra B S  2 0






Prof.Bhavya Naidu







12 Prof. Manjunath S Medhenal 6 9


Prof.Pushpa B V




Prof.Ramadas K L




Sudhindra Gargesa



16 Prof. Hemanth Kumar 25 20


Prof.Vijayalakshmi S




Prof.Navya G S




Prof. Deepak R








Students of MPBIM








Technical Reports

Dr. N S  Viswanath