Today, one is witness to the Indian resurgence in the international scenario. If the earlier part of the last five decades saw a ‘brain drain’ of Indian medical, engineering and scientific professionals, today the stage is set for our successful NRIs to venture into value-added contribution to their own country, but also for the reversal ‘drain’ in larger dimensions. A new India is beckoning enterprises and corporates from world over with its large consumer market, talent pool, knowledge resources and infrastructure. Managing the challenges of this quick-change-process in the Indian context requires not just business administrative skills but deepening of the individual’s Indian ethos -reflected in the unique value systems that will eventually contribute to the overall organisational well being and success. The organisations could be Indian or international, yet the difference is critical. With the inputs imparted, MPBIM's managers are the chosen lot of discerning successful corporates in India and abroad whose commitment to their enterprises transcends beyond -into consolidating their regional positions and in sharing their gains with the society. “VALUES” is the one word which describes the qualities of a MPBIM management graduate that you look for before you hire. The word VALUE stands for:

V – Values

A – Ambition

L – Leadership

U – Unique

E – Ethics

S – Skill and Knowledge

The combination of the student executives and the faculty, the entire curriculum and the way it is delivered itself makes MPBIM a choice for recruiters. The top six percentile scorers on the MAT and the top rankers on the Karnataka PGCET gain admission to MPBIM each year.

The MBA at MPBIM, affiliated to Bangalore University, is structured so that the students cover a range of management subjects during the first year and specialize through elective courses in the second. Their knowledge of current aspects concerning business in India and globally gives them skills and competencies which are increasingly necessary for leadership in the volatile and fast changing world today.

The Inputs

The faculty at MPBIM provides students with a conceptual framework for working and making decisions in business today. The incorporation of various real-life situations and case studies and their in-depth analysis in academics aims to produce tangible results.

Teamwork always plays a very important role in the life of a professional. At MPBIM, students learn to network across various cultures and understand the importance of knowledge sharing and solving problems effectively. At MPBIM, students are groomed in a distinct culture of value-based learning.

Our graduates have the technical acumen that one would expect of graduates from a top-tier institute, as well as the EQ to lead complex projects in multi-faceted teams. Our students are equipped with the right tools for success in the modern business marketplace.

We offer recruiters intellectual management graduates with diverse sets of skills and experience and who, we believe, will be invaluable to your growth.