Proactively Responsive to Society’s needs - Education

MPBIM's Social Responsibility

In the field of education

  • Donated generously for the cause of education to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kendras in Mysore, Dharwad and Shivamogga.
  • It has enabled the setting up of Bhavan’s Savitriamma Akkihal Institute of Management, Dharwad, Bhavan’s Priyamvada Birla Institute of Management, Mysore and the Rural School at Garwale, Kodagu Dist., Karnataka.
  • It has Funded Padma Shri Dr. Mathoor Krishnamurti Memorial Sports Complex of  Mysuru Kendra's Belluru Kamalamma Subbanna Vidya Bhavan School, Mysuru.
  • Donated funds for construction of an Amphitheatre in the school at Bhavan’s Shivamogga Kendra.
  • Donated computers to Bhavan’s Kamalamma Subbanna Vidya Kendra, Mysore, Bhavan’s BBMP School, Bengaluru and funded Gandhi Centre for computer education and IT enablement.


Contribution in the field of Art & Culture

In the field of art and culture

  • MPBIM has sponsored the exhibition of Nakshatra Mandala, Rashi Mandala and Navagraha Mandala paintings of Sri H N Suresh, a well known artist of Karnataka, in India and abroad at  various centres in UK & USA .
  • It has sponsored Ashta Dikpalaka paintings of Sri. H N Suresh. The paintings were exhibited in the KRG Hall at Bengaluru Kendra.
  • Sponsoring regularly Dance and Music programmes for promoting art and culture and other Bhavan’s Programmes.

MPBIM's Publications


  • MPBIM has sponsored the Digitization Project of ‘History and Culture of Indian People’ in both English and Kannada published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. The DVDs were released by the Hon’ble Governor of Karnataka.
  • It has undertaken the Digitization Project of 60 years of Bhavan’s Journal, a fortnightly publication of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan..
  • Publication of the book “Indian Astronomy - Concepts & Procedures” by Dr. S. Balachandra Rao Hon. Director Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Gandhi Centre for Science and Human Values.
  • Sponsored a project to study the tribal people in the Nilgiris and surrounding areas in Karnataka by Sri Paranjyothi.
  • Publication of Kannada translations of Kulpati Dr.K.M. Munshi’s works.
  • Publication of Coffee table book on Sri H.N. Suresh’s paintings – Starry Strokes- an Anthology of Sri H N Suresh’s Paintings