Theme of Paradigm 2019 Management Fest

The ideas of Sun Tzu, a successful Chinese army general who lived 2500 years was the theme of Paradigm 2019 Fest. Although Sun Tzu’s book ‘The Art of War’ is fascinating as military history, the interest to manager is how the message converts into his world of constant struggle in managing business and use of right strategy to outsmart business competition. 

Hence the theme of Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ suggested by MS. LATHIKA JAIN was chosen as theme for the PARADIGM 2019 Management Fest. This was chosen from about 16 themes presented by students.

We have seen that many times people focus on tactics without having a proper overall strategy in place.  In the present internet dominated industry, utilizing search engine, Social Media, etc., are all tools.   These tools can be useful in the hands of the right craftsman, but not so effective without an overall strategy behind them. Hence Sun Tzu’s advice on strategy and tactics become very relevant. 
We all know that a fundamental foundation of strategy is research.  After all, how can one form a strategy without being informed. Sun Tzu says  “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”.  This lesson essentially focuses on understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses through a well crafted SWOT analysis as well as those of competitors.  
Besides the above, one also needs to understand the pulse of business and the direction in which it is moving.  Sun Tzu says understanding opponents terrain  is most essential for the warrior. This brings us to the changing paradigms of the rules of the game and technology. In this era of constantly emerging disruptive technologies it is essential that the businesses keep pace with technology paradigms and social changes. Those who are successful would have invested time into proper planning. In his analogy with music, Sun Tzu  talks of bringing in synergy of various factors that constitute the strategy and the tactics. Manager needs to orchestrate various factors like marketing communications and advertisements.
A well founded strategy is only as viable as the ability for a firm to execute and see it through. Sun Tzu says that quality of decision to act will be successful if the action is appropriate for the situation presented. Having a quality strategy is very important, but being able to recognize the moment to strike and execute various aspects of the strategy is a very important skill as well. Hence, for both students and faculty in management discipline the learning from Sun Tzu was gratifying.

M/s. Abhaya Services was the main sponsor for Paradigm 2019 management fest. MPBIM is grateful to M/s. Abhaya Services for their gesture

Inauguration of Paradigm 2019

Paradigm 2019 based on the theme of SunTzu’s strategies brought out in his book “The Art of War’ as applied in the world of business was held on 18th and 19th December 2019. The Fest had Seven Competitions – Marketing, Finance, HR, Entrepreneurship, Best Manager, Business Quiz and PubG. 

The registration began at 9.00 AM. The registration desk witnessed a rush of participants. Overall, there were 487 participants from 28 Management Institutes in Bangalore as against about 250 participants from 23 Management Institutes in Bangalore. In fact, we were forced to stop registration and sent more than 10 teams back.

At the inauguration ceremony, Sri. Venkatesh Kumaran, President & Partner, AxlerateNow was the Chief Guest. The Guests of Honour were Ms. Archana S General Manager, Abhaya Services, Mr. Harisha B.V, Manager, Data Science, Infosys, Ms.  Saria Nazneen Iqbal, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Philips Innovation Services. 
Sri Venkatesh Kumar in his inaugural address, called upon students to equip themselves aiming at being entrepreneurs.

Ms. Archana General Manager Abhaya Services outlined how Abhaya Services was conceived as an enterprise providing various services and said that one does not have to look for high investments for becoming an entrepreneur, what is required is passion for service. It may be noted that Abhaya Services is the main sponsors for Paradigm 2019. 

Sri. Harisha B. V. spoke about the importance of management fest for the overall development of the student progression and shared his fest participation experience with the students.

Ms. Saria Nazneen Iqbal, an alumna of MPBIM from 2012-14 batch currently working at Phillips Innovation Services recalled her experience as a part of Paradigm during 2013. The guests were felicitated
The event began with an inaugural Bharatanatyam dance by Ms. Deeksha Bhat, a student executive of 2019-21 batch. This was followed by a breath taking video on the concept of present Fest and Making of Paradigm 2019 followed by lighting of ceremonial lamp.
Soon after the Inauguration, the events began in class rooms and KRG hall. The lunch was organized in the dining hall adjoining Khincha Auditorium.

Events at PARADIGM 2019

The Fest had Seven Competitions – Marketing, Finance, HR, Entrepreneurship, Best Manager, Business Quiz and PubG
. The finals of Business Quiz event was held in Khincha Hall which witnesses packed auditorium. The final round of business quiz was handled by student’s team, Prof. Sathyanarayana Principal and Sudhindra Gargesa, Director (Academics Admin).
The final round of Best Manager, which was stress round, was judged by Dr, Rajdeep Manwani, Sri Adarsh Basavaraj, and Sri. Sahil.

Judges for various events were 
BEST MANAGER-    Sahil Rai, Yeshaswini S, Prof. Sudhakar Kulkarni, Ms. Bhanushree and Prof. Hema Harsha, Sahil Rai, Dr. Rajdeep Manwani, Adarsh Basavraj
MARKETING:  Somyajit Pa, Akshay A and Mukund Muthanna, Akshay A, Mukund muthanna and Akhil menon, Akhil menon and Akshay A
FINANCE    Mamatha, Anil Kumar, Sandeep and Shalini, Sandeep Kumar S
HUMAN RESOURCE    Mr Sandeep Jayaram, Mr Y.C Padmanabh, Ms. Sneha Shivaji, Dr. Rohini G Shetty
ENTREPRENURESHIP: Raghavendra, Sharath and Pavan T B, Prof. Bhavya and Manjunath J B and Sudhakar Kulkarni

After the final round  (Stress Round) of Best Manager competition, a glimpses of PARADIGM 2019 was screened.

Cultural Events at PARADIGM 2019

Later, Sri Kumaran M Pethi, Owner of Sankalp Builders and Former Dist. Governor of Toastmasters International gave an impressive motivation talk with video presentation.   Soon after this, Fashion show based on Chinese ancient fashion was held.

Valedictory Function and Prize Distribution

At the valedictory, Sri. Prathap V G, CEO, Abhaya Services was the Chief Guest.  The Guests of Honour were Sri.  Kumaran M. Pethi, CEO, Sankalp Builders, Past District Governor, Toastmasters International, Dr. B A Vasu, Director, Jain Group of Institutions and Sri. Rajath Karthik, Assistant Manager, HSBC, Asset Management Group, alumnus of MPBIM’s 2012-14 batch. 

Ms. Vennela CEO of the student council of MPBIM gave a brief report on the Paradigm 2019 fest.  The guests spoke briefly after which they were felicitated by Prof. Sathyanarayana, Sri. Sudhindra Gargesa, Sri. V. Muralidhar and faculty members.
The prizes for the winners and runners up was given away by the Guests, Sri V Muralidhar, Prof. Ravindra, Prof. Pushpa and Prof. Manjunath. The winners and runners up were as follows:

Marketing: Acharya B School, Kristu Jayanti College
Finance: RVIM and Christ University
HR: St. Joseph’s and Jain College
Entrepreneurship: Kristu Jayanti College and Adarsh Institute
Best Manager: BMS College     
Business Quiz: Jain CMS and Jain College Jayanagar
PUBG: Adarsh College and Kristu Jayanti

Fest Champions

PARADIGM 2019 Fest Champions

The Overall Champions of the event was the team from Jain College Jayanagar. The runners up was team from Kristu Jayanti College.


The event concluded by 8.00 PM.  Ms. K. Vennela CEO, Ms. Maitri Hegde CFO, Surya Prakash Reddy COO of the student council  thank Chairman, Director, Principal, faculty and staff members  for the excellent support, guidance  in successful conduct of Paradigm 2019.  The initiative of the student executives in charge of various events is also acknowledged with gratitude.

Sr. No Event Student Coordinators Faculty Coordinators
1 Marketing Ms. Anchal Pemmaiah Prof. Anu Natraj
Ms. Priyadarshini
2 Finance Ms. Praneetha S Prof. Manjunath S M
Mr. Thailok
3 HR Ms. Monica Dr. Rohini G Shetty
Mr. Manthan
4 Entrepreneurship Mr. Abhishek Prof. Bhavya N
Mr. Rithwik
5 Best Manager Ms. Samanvitha Prof. Hema Harsha
Ms. Apoorva
6 Business Quiz Ms. Rohini J Dr. S Sathyanarayana
Mr. Sanket
7 PUBG Mr. Blesson  
Mr. Akshay
8 Hospitality Ms.Aishwarya Ms.Kalavathi,                                               Ms. Sharada Kumari
9 Registration Mr.Rohit Ms.Geetha & Ms.Vinutha
Mr.Sanjay C L
10 Food Mr.Vijay Kumar Prof. Ravindra
Mr.Praveen Naikundi
11 Resources Mr.Vishwanath Naik Ms.Sharada Kumari
12 Decoration Mr.Santhosh Prof. Pushpa B V                                        Prof. Manjunath S M
13 Logistics Mr.Manish Dr. S Sathyanarayana
14 Technical Team Mr.Shiva Danush
Mr.Sanjan Rai
15 Compaigning Mr.Sai Prakash  
16 Follow Up Team Ms.Lathika Jain Dr. S. Sathyanarayana
17 On Stage Ms.Arpitha Prof. Pushpa B V                                      Prof. Manjunath S M