Chairman's Message

We first encountered the phrase 'Think Globally Act Locally' in the decade of 1990s when India began globalising its business environment. Though the  first use of the phrase in an environmental context, the  term was increasingly applied to initiatives in international education and was advanced by Stuart Grauer in his 1989 University of San Diego publication, Think Globally, Act Locally: A Delphi Study of Educational Leadership Through the Development of International Resources in the Local Community. It is not only corporations that are acknowledging the importance of this business environmental issue, but also the field of education which is a support system. Education institutions across the world are beginning to develop a new way of teaching. Globalization is now thought of as an important concept to understanding the world. It is students who are our future, therefore, understanding the concept of "think globally, act locally" is fundamental to us. 

The collaboration between institutions would be wise investment in the future because of the strong need for more global- minded business leaders. The institutions need to become natural hubs for a wide range of activities, encompassing research, teaching, and community engagement that help instill global awareness as a key component of the managerial mindset in the  students. Faculty need to  collaborate with colleagues on campus, including engaging in multidisciplinary programs and research by  tackling issues such as poverty, health & education.

Such a system will provide a foundation for debate and create experiential programs that will facilitate students in getting Global Experience, besides curriculum, within the MBA degree programme.  Though many of our alumni are working at multinationals, the understanding of global business environment is a must to work overseas. This thought has given impetus for collaborations not merely with industry but also with peer institutions in and outside the country. While institutions make attempts in this direction, I urge the students to acquire a mindset for such programmes for making them ready for global placements.

Er. N Ramanuja


Message from Director General's Desk

India has seen unprecedented economic growth in the recent past. To sustain this growth and emerge competitive globally, India is in need of quality managers with values. India needs business leaders who are creative, entrepreneurial and the ones who can drive it into new paradigms. Indian professionalism has never being put to as critical a test as it is being put to in today’s rapidly evolving world.

In this context, we perceive our programme as not just a PG Programme, but as an experience that would educate our Student-Executives on the importance of time-management, work-ethics, commitment, leadership, team-building and decision-making.

My task is simple Select the best students and give them the right tools, environment and academic freedom to let their hidden talents and creativity blossom. The two years at MPBIM train the Student- Executive to think out of the box and help bring thought to action with maturity, confidence and efficiency.

MPBIM admits to its two-year MBA Programme, top percentile scorers on the MAT and top rankers on the Karnataka PGCET. Our teaching faculty is eminent and the pedagogy is innovative and need-sensitive. Above all, students are groomed in a culture of value-based learning, distinct to MPBIM.

To discerning corporates, we offer intellectual managerial candidates with diverse sets of skills and experience and who, I believe, will be invaluable to your growth.

I now whole-heartedly welcome you to interact with our Student-Executives at our privileged Institute.


Director General

Message from Director's Desk

M P Birla Institute of Management associate Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is in this field of education for the past 22 years with strong bonding with the alumni which attracts students on its strength. It is a place of convenience in the heart of the city which is accessible through all modes of transport. It is a place full of knowledge centre where only students can experience to shape their career with additional inputs.

Apart from two year MBA program which is affiliated to Bengaluru Central University, Bengaluru the students will also be given the opportunity to enhance their talent in their area of interest to learn further on Indian culture, classical music, dance, psychology, journalism, TV Anchoring, Astrology, Astrophysics, Photography, Social Responsibility, Event management which are organised on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a privilege for all the students to associate and volunteer themselves in major activities hosted in our complex.

When it comes to academics our students will have free access to faculty to clear their doubts on the subject they teach. Our students are encouraged to participate in all inter college fests individually or as a team to build their confidence in public life. Our students are moulded to the maturity level to overcome challenges in professional life.

Our institute works on promise versus delivery where our students get motivated to bring more laurels to our Institute. When it comes to the placement our students will get multiple opportunities of their choice to select the job to their satisfaction with a decent and attractive package. Any student wants to pursue higher studies after their Masters they can enrol for a research program.

To be precise about our M P Birla institute of Management it is good to say “YOU NAME IT WE HAVE IT” it is up to you to discover as a student.

V. Muralidhar


Message from Principal's Desk

My dear student,

Welcome to post graduation programme at MPBIM. Post graduation is a different journey from your graduation. A more intense and focussed one. You would have learnt many general subjects but now it is focussed on only management and related subjects for you. Management education is not mere curriculum. In a way it is beyond that. You will have bear in mind that you learn at not only at academic sessions but every stage of your being here, every activity, events, fests, and social interactions with your teachers, peers and society.  You need to develop a mindset of openness to be successful. management education is a 24X7 learning.

At the workplace, you will be looked upon as a person who can manage technicalities of work, people and situations.  While you will be placed in a department after completion of your post graduation, you will have to deal with every aspect you have learnt here, marketing your idea in the organisation, HR and financial skills. This is irrespective of what specialisation you will choose. To do this, you will need to format yourself assignments and your goals, along with realistic deadlines and an organized path  of self evaluation. You will have to take the initiative to seek out materials to make new experimental and conceptual connections that take your thought in new directions. Taking this initiative and responsibility for your education is key to both your success as a professional and your satisfaction as a student.

I will urge all of you to leave your inhibitions, equip yourself, participate in the activities and keep on learning. That will be your key to success and this will be your unique one.

I am sure you will have a great time at the Institute.

Dr. S. Sathyanarayana