Sudhakar Kulkarni
"I enjoyed my study at this College and the two years have become the most unique and unforgettable memories when I think of learning. The Friendly attitude of the staff and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has made me feel a part of the MPBIM family. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I'm so grateful that I have got an opportunity to serve the institution." Sudhakar Kulkarni 2009-11 Batch
Indrani Banerjee
MPBIM has always been close to my heart , from day one when I realised that the orientation began with medication and yoga . I knew at that time that this institution is different for its warmth and it's culture. I have tried to live the two years with happiness amongst all my lovely professors , whose intellect , experience and wisdom stood apart ….. MPBIM has always been my second home. I'm honoured and privileged that we have successfully graduated from this prestigious institution…… Indrani Banerjee 2012-14 Batch
B K Ramaswamy
I am a proud Alumnus of MPBIM. I am heading the Centre for Career Developments Services Department of MPBIM. Undoubtedly, an awesome experience which is unique in every sense of the term !!!' B K RAMASWAMY 2000-2002 Batch
Amreen Khan
"Just a few words about MPBIM…it really is one of the best B-schools in Bangalore. I couldn't have asked for more; the dedication, support and motivation of each of the faculty member and staff is remarkable. The two years’ experience at MPBIM was definitely one that I will never forget. I would recommend M P Birla Institute of Management to anybody.” Amreen Khan | 2010-12 Batch