Aryavritta is taken from the Sanskrit words, Aryavarta meaning “abode of the Aryans” signifying ancient India and Aryavitta meaning “true money”. In order to build a strong nation you need the right kind of financial experts who can predict the market and deliver the right results.

This event is set to enthrall and draw the attention of every individual who has an edge over crunching numbers and can make the right analysis. If you have the appetite to learn and play by the rules then get ready to give a run for your money as you speculate your way through mind boggling and exceptional challenges from the world of finance.


  1. Number of participants in each team is 2
  2. Participants should bring thier own laptops and dongle

Event Fee: RS 200

Event CO ordinators : Saswat Mishra 8892278191

                          Sushant Patil    8951456399