Ice Breaker


  1. ·         Number of participants in each team are minimum of 5 and a maximum of 5+1.
  2. ·         Teams should creatively introduce their respective colleges.
  3. ·         Time Limit: 4+1 Minutes.
  4. ·         Teams are permitted to make use of Audio/Visual aids.
  5. ·         Participants should carry their audio soundtrack in MP3/MP4 format in pen drive and CD.
  6. ·         Teams should also mention their college name on the pen drive and the CD.
  7. ·         Teams should ensure no vulgarity is exhibited.
  8. ·         Teams will be marked on the basis of creativity, language, poise, confidence.

Event Fee: RS 300

Event Co ordinators : Bharath G P   8050000599

                          Dharneesh     8892177350