From the Principal’s Desk

India has seen unprecedented economic growth in the recent past. To sustain this growth and emerge competitive globally, India is in need of quality managers with values. India needs business leaders who are creative, entrepreneurial and the ones who can drive it into new paradigms. Indian professionalism has never being put to as critical a test as it is being put to in today’s rapidly evolving world.

In this context, we perceive our programme as not just a PG Programme, but as an experience that would educate our Student-Executives on the importance of time-management, work-ethics, commitment, leadership, team-building and decision-making.

My task is simple : Select the best students and give them the right tools, environment and academic freedom to let their hidden talents and creativity blossom. The two years at MPBIM train the Student- Executive to think out of the box and help bring thought to action with maturity, confidence and efficiency.

MPBIM admits to its two-year MBA Programme, top percentile scorers on the MAT and top rankers on the Karnataka PGCET. Our teaching faculty is eminent and the pedagogy is innovative and need-sensitive. Above all, students are groomed in a culture of value-based learning, distinct to MPBIM.

To discerning corporates, we offer intellectual managerial candidates with diverse sets of skills and experience and who, I believe, will be invaluable to your growth.

I now whole-heartedly welcome you to interact with our Student-Executives at our privileged Institute.

Dean’s Message

M.P. Birla Institute of Management: Associate Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, established in 1999, is now in its 13th year. As many as eleven batches of students have passed out and are placed in industry. The alumni of MPBIM have occupied prominent positions in the domestic and MNC Companies both in India and abroad.

Attentive assessment of industry demands on our students, keeps us alerted on the content and delivery of the programme. Dialogues with alumni reflect the utility levels of the present academics. The fact that their learning continues at their initial work locations suggest a call for short term special-skill training, too.

Hands on dealing with application oriented problems is MPBIM forte. This has helped the students to adeptly adapt to changing trends. Problem oriented research work has helped them acquire broader perspectives and sharpened focus in solving them. These efforts are backed up by sessions in Business Leadership Forums, Projects in the Foundation and Application Courses and are further accentuated by mandatory Outreach Programmes which students have to attend for deriving utility.

MPBIM has been continuously adding value to the University curriculum. These efforts have led to successes in placing our students in the branded domestic as well as multinational corporations (MNCs).

We believe that MPBIM’s growth is directly associated with the vertical growth of our students. The industry who have accepted our students are regularly coming back to us to recruit more. This is a great testimony for us.

We invite the industry to visit us and recruit our students of the current batch. Our students will prove their mettle in the organization by demonstrating their acquired strengths and skills and their sincerity to learn.