Institute - MPBIM

M.P. Birla Institute of Management is located in the heart of Bangalore urban and students studying at the institute benefit from its state-of-the-art infrastructure, thanks to munificent donation from Smt. Priyamvada Birla. This AICTE approved institute, affiliated to Bangalore University, offers postgraduate course in management viz., two-year full-time MBA. It strives to deliver value-based quality education and imbibe top-class management skills in its student-executives by enlisting the services of eminent persons from industry and academia as faculty members.

Starting with an intake of 60 during 1999, riding on the popularity of MPBIM's MBA course and the value-based learning imparted at the institute, the intake has been increased further to 180 students per academic year during the academic year 2011-12

Besides, grooming creative, productive and efficient managers for the industry, the Institute is committed to inculcating Basic Human Values and a sense of Nobility, Righteousness and Excellence in the students.

Salient Features of M P Birla Institute of Management
Though established under the aegis of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, MPBIM is run autonomously and has its own governance systems in place. The institute benefits from various factors:

MPBIM's Values :

MPBIM has commanded a reputation of its own for quality and values that reflect in some of the admission criteria and extra-curricular activities that the institute engages its MBA student executives in. The top 6 percentile of MAT and top ranking PGCET students enroll at MPBIM each year. MPBIM operates on an impartial student-intake procedure and ensures that students enroll purely on merit. MPBIM encourages student participation in various academic and para-academic activities with a clear social perspective.

Versatile and Inspired :

Inspired is how one can describe MPBIMs management graduates, for they have been trained to be 360 degree aware. There is an assimilative trait that sees them constantly evolving and gaining new skills. Whether it is academics, industry interaction involving corporate leaders, participation in social programmes for underprivileged and challenged members of society or learning to work as a team within the diverse and disparate student body that the Institute is, it is this distinct ability of an MPBIM manager that will see him achieve sustained success as in today’s globalised economies. Associations, collaborations, mergers, amalgamations, everyday corporate happenings are best carried through by managers who are holistic thinkers, sharply focused; inspired, yet sublime – will be the hallmark of MPBIM’s managers.

The MPBIM Brand and its Positioning :

When it comes to a professional approach, MPBIM strives to provide maximum brand exposure constantly reinforcing its position as a provider of premium management education at the national level. As part of a fresh initiative by the management and in response to changing market needs, MPBIM is now writing up long-term plans for further strengthening its already-strong brand in the management education markets. The ultimate beneficiaries of such initiatives in the past have been our students and with new approaches and plans being drawn up, we are confident that future cohorts will benefit even further from the MPBIM brand and its reputation in the Industry.