Employability Enhancement

Every management programme has to be aimed at enhancing the employability of the student executives. Accordingly MPBIM is undertaking a number of non-academic activities to enhance skills of the students, develop qualities of team working and leadership, and improve their overall value-system quotient.

These additional activities, which include relevant soft-skills, are expected to make our students (who are passing out with an MBA degree) more confident and capable not only of acquitting themselves very well during the job selection processes that they will encounter in the immediate future, but also give them a foundation to perform well in their jobs during the subsequent 5 to 6 years.

MPBIM conducts skill enhancement programmes at Garwale Outbound Adventure Learning (GOAL) Centre at Garwale near Madikeri in Kodagu District where student executives get an opportunity to exhibit and hone their skills in decision making, leadership, team working and communication.

Besides, the training at Garwale, the areas targeted for improvement at MPBIM are shown below. The college is mobilising key resources from external agencies apart from utilizing the bank of knowledge, experience and skills available with the existing faculty and staff:

S.No Knowledge/Traits/ skills desired Input Proposed
1 Handling telephonic interview Handling telephonic calls
2 GK , Current Affairs Psychometry, Aptitude Reading habit of business dailies followed by periodic testing
3 GD Skills Regular GD sessions on issues of topical interest
4 CV preparation Filling up of application forms Guidance on CV preparation, etc,
5 English Language facility Communication Full-fledged training on Written, Oral & Presentation Training in the Language Lab of the Institution.
6 Maths, Aptitude & Problem solving Training and coaching
7 Interview skills Mock interviews
8 Etiquette/Manners/Behaviour Workshops
9 Self-confidence / Personality development Counseling / Mentoring
10 Inter-personal skills (Team work & Leadership) GDs / Group Projects / Debates
11 Industry awareness Exposure to business reality
12 Technical / Domain knowledge Adapted methodology during class sessions
13 Networking Alumni activities
14 Strategizing for one’s own career Career planning & Goal setting Expectation management
15 Time Management Exercises
16 Pre-interview preparation Refresher training


Apart from the above, MPBIM has also joined hands with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)- Young Indians Chapter in Bangalore for conducting programmes for our students which will enhance corporate exposure to the students, Industry Visits, etc. MPBIM has also tied up with Xed Intellect which has expertise in providing innovative and effective online learning solutions. These Solutions are designed to improve Management students' performance and thereby enhance their employability skills. Xed Intellect has developed a unique 3-Dimensional Learning Model (3DLM) by using 3 modes of delivery Daily Mobile Updates via SMS , Weekly Learning Modules & Newsletters via Email and conducting Quizzes Online . Institute is also talking to Newspapers and Other Agencies for CEO talks, conducting workshops and quizzes